We turn the public cloud into your private cloud

Edgeless Systems is a cybersecurity startup based in Germany. Our technology elevates the security of your applications and workflows to unprecedented levels, enabling new and exciting forms of trustworthy data processing.

Confidential computing is a groundbreaking security paradigm that enables the always encrypted and verifiable processing of sensitive data at scale. With Edgeless Systems, your data and code are always protected—whether at rest or in use.

Our company is built on the principles of open source, using a community-driven approach to deliver confidential computing technology that is easy to use, scale, and integrate.

Edgeless Systems is a member of the Confidential Computing Consortium including Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, Intel and Huawei.

Our Values

We strive for excellence

Our mission is to build the best open-source technology for confidential computing.

We are one team

Our strength lies in making decisions as a unified company. We are working towards the same goal and sharing the same vision.

We believe in open source

Our collaborative, inclusive spirit is what defines us and our technology.

We embrace differences

We value diverse experiences, ideas, and perspectives.

We foster an agile mindset

We are eager to continuously improve our technology and willing to challenge the status quo.

We listen to our community

We iterate and make changes based on the community's feedback. Its contribution is important for the success of our technology.

Meet the Team

Dr. Felix Schuster


Thomas Tendyck


Moritz Eckert

Chief Architect

Daniela Bentrup

Senior Developer Marketing Manager

Daniel Weiße

Security Software Engineer

Image of Felix and teammember
Image of Felix and teammember
Edgeless Systems team
Image of the last game night

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