Edgeless DB

The next-gen encrypted database

At its heart, EDGELESS DB is a full SQL database. It thus seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and workflows. What sets it apart is that it is built around the concept of Confidential Computing.  

All data stored and processed in EDGELESS DB is always encrypted and isolated – even in system memory at runtime. Thus, your data is protected even from rogue system administrators, rootkits, and other powerful attackers. This makes EDGELESS DB one of the most secure and most versatile options available for storing and processing data.  

In comparison, most other solutions today rely on standard databases to store encrypted data and at most use a hardware security module (HSM) to store the corresponding cryptographic keys. Such approaches can only protect data at rest on disk. Once data is decrypted for access, all bets are off.  

EDGELESS DB is the logical next step in hardware-rooted security: the fusion of relational databases and HSMs that protects your keys and your data at rest and at runtime.


EDGELESS DB is currently in private preview. Please get in touch if you are interested in early access.

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Unique features

EDGELESS DB is not only more secure than legacy database + HSM deployments, it also has unique features that help you unlock the full potential of
your data.

EDGELESS DB can be instantiated with a set of rules written for example in Python. This set of rules is a hybrid between a stored procedure (a term from the database world) and a smart contract (a term from the blockchain world).  

Rules can be both simple and powerful. A typical set could be: “devices with certificates issued by A can send data; clients with certificates issued by B can run analytics algorithms X, Y, and Z on the data without getting direct access; the parties with certificates C and D may jointly update these rules.”

To make this verifiable and trustworthy, each EDGELESS DB instance produces a unique cryptographic fingerprint. By examining the fingerprint, anyone can verify that they are dealing with a real EDGELESS DB that is governed by the expected set of rules and runs on actual confidential computing hardware.  

With this, you can for instance prove that even you cannot see your customers’ individual data and can only run certain analytics. Boost your customers’ trust and comply with regulations!