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Edgeless Systems is a well-funded cybersecurity startup based in Bochum, Germany. We develop tools for “confidential computing”. With confidential computing, cloud workloads finally become end-to-end secure and end-to-end verifiable. Most of the things we do is open source; check out our code on GitHub.

With our great team we are a tech leader in confidential computing. Our co-founder Felix Schuster is one of the pioneers in confidential computing and was one of the first to work on the topic during his tenure at Microsoft.

We are looking for outstanding software developers to work on different layers of our tech stack – from web technologies and microservices down to the machine code level.

Potential is more important to us than experience. But the latter certainly doesn’t hurt either :-)

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We will respond to suitable applications within 24h and arrange a video interview in which we would like to introduce ourselves, get to know you and ask you a few technical questions.