Confidential AI

Use and optimize AI models with always-encrypted data

Stay compliant with international data privacy regulations while optimizing your AI models. Confidential computing opens up new possibilities in AI model training by ensuring data is always encrypted — even during processing.

Isolating AI pipelines end-to-end for data privacy compliance

Constellation protects the entire Kubernetes

When training AI models, companies collect a lot of personal data that needs to stay secure, especially in public cloud environment. With Confidential AI, ML data stays encrypted end-to-end, even while in use. Using Edgeless System's tooling, companies process ML data securely on public cloud infrastructure with verified encryption.

Why data science & compliance teams love confidential AI

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End-to-end runtime encryption

Encrypt AI data end-to-end, even during training and implement state-of-the art data security.

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Excellent performance

Scale your AI workloads securely and with great performance.


Set up within seconds

With Constellation, Confidential AI can be implemented easily.

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End-to-end verifiability

All pipelines are protected against unauthorized access with cryptographic proof.

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Data privacy on any cloud

Confidential AI can be implemented for ML data on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

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Secure containerized AI apps

With Confidential AI, you can secure all ML workloads, without changing a line of code.

Confidential AI available for GPU-based workloads

New NVIDIA GPU processors enable runtime encryption for AI workload security. The hardware will facilitate confidential AI software for GPU-based workloads, laying the foundation for trustworthy AI data processing.

Read our CEO's blog post on how How confidential computing and AI fit together.

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