Multi-cloud security

Secure your company's data across clouds

Confidential computing ensures data security within an enterprise's digital ecosystem: across hybrid, public cloud, and multi-cloud architectures.

What is multi-cloud security?

Multi-cloud security refers to a comprehensive set of policies, controls, and solutions designed to protect data, applications, and the associated infrastructure within a multi-cloud computing environment. When working with multiple cloud providers, safeguarding each platform's ecosystem becomes a critical concern. Confidential computing mitigates many of the risks associated with multi-cloud architectures by ensuring that data remains encrypted at all times.

Risks in the cloud

  • Unauthorized access from outsiders
  • Unauthorized access from cloud tenants and admins
  • Different regulations across jurisdictions
  • Complexity of individual cloud platforms

How confidential computing enhances multi-cloud architectures

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Ensures compliance and data sovereignty

Confidential computing keeps data encrypted even during processing, ensuring data privacy and compliance with established privacy legislation such as GDPR.

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Maintains consistent security protocols

Isolation from infrastructure side-steps vendor specific security vulnerabilities. Unauthorized access is blocked at every stage in the data lifecycle.

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Prevents vendor lock-in

Because data is running within the same type of deployment, companies can move their data between clouds and infrastructure providers as needed.

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Enables cross-border data sharing

With all data consistently encrypted, enterprises can take advantage of global cloud services without lowering their privacy requirements.

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Reduces excessive costs

With the ability to securely host data and applications on various clouds, companies have additional alternatives to expensive on-prem architectures.

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Provides additional hosting options

Because data remains encrypted and inaccessible even to cloud providers, businesses have additional choice in which infrastructure providers to use.

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