Secure Multi-Party Computation

Collaborate on data with unprecedented privacy

In a confidential computing environment, secure multi-party computation allows different enterprises to collaboratively analyze encrypted data without revealing its contents, ensuring full privacy and compliance.

Unlock new insights in safely shared data

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Secure multi-party processing allows unprecedented data sharing across organizations without compromising on privacy or compliance requirements. All data is encrypted during processing limiting exposure to security vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

New possibilities of secure multi-party computation across industries

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Share data for AI and analytics with zero trust to collaborate with partners and research institutes safely.

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Work with external partners for better fraud prediction, AML, and machine learning, while keeping all data always encrypted.

Public Sector

Share information with other entities, NGOs, and organizations to gain key data insights while maintaining the strictest data privacy requirements.

The power of data cooperatives

Learn how confidential computing opens up new possibilities in finance in the Edgeless System's webinar with Accenture, with examples including consumer credit risk monitoring, insurance claim fraud detection.

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