Compliant B2B SaaS

Keep your customers' data end-to-end confidential

You can easily make your SaaS confidential and fundamentally solve security and data privacy requirements. With confidential computing, you can provably secure the data of your customers without having to trust the cloud provider.

B2B SaaS security and data privacy requirements are growing

Your customers expect that you do everything to protect their data. With privacy regulations, such as the European GDPR and CCPA in the US, and industry-specific requirements like HIPAA for medical data, the stakes are high. The average cost of a data breach is already above $4.5M when no zero trust solutions are deployed. For many customers, that means costly on-prem setups or “virtual private clouds” that raise the bar to adopt your SaaS.

Meet Constellation, the K8s platform for confidential SaaS

Constellation protects the entire Kubernetes

Constellation is the easiest way to make your SaaS fully confidential. The Kubernetes platform leverages the latest security technologies to ensure that hackers and not even your cloud provider can access your customers’ data.

The best part is that you do not have to rewrite your application. With an easy lift and shift approach, you can make your SaaS end-to-end confidential, saving you costs and enabling you to focus on winning new customers.

Win more customers with confidential SaaS

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End-to-end runtime encryption

Encrypt cloud workloads even while in use and secure the public cloud for future-proof compliance.

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Excellent performance

Confidential SaaS brings your customers the best cloud security at high performance.


Set up within seconds

With Constellation, your SaaS service is confidential within a few minutes.

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Cryptographically proven security

Cryptographic proof that your application is secure against all forms of unauthorized access.

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Get rid of costly on-prem

Confidential SaaS can be implemented for multi-cloud security on AWS, Azure, GCP & OpenStack.

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Secure containerized cloud apps

With confidential SaaS, you can secure your app without changing a line of code.

Before Constellation, we could not purchase any SaaS application that is hosted on public clouds. This led to extremely complex procurement cycles and costly on-prem setups.

IT Project Manager, Public Sector

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