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With EDGELESS SYSTEMS, your data and code are always protected – whether at rest or in use, whether in the cloud or on-prem.

Unlock the full potential of your data.



Effortlessly build confidential apps in Go
Cloud-native meets confidential computing.
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Our tool for scaling things up
In a nutshell, it is a service mesh for confidential computing.
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Edgeless DB

The next-gen encrypted database
It is truly end-to-end encrypted, governed by a set of flexible rules, and speaks SQL.
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Our technology elevates the security of your applications and workflows to unprecedented levels. On top, it enables new and exciting forms of trustworthy data processing. Get more out of your data!

End-to-end secure AI pipeline

Use MARBLERUN and EGO to build and deploy end-to-end secure pipelines for AI training and inference. Bring your existing tools, models, and algorithms. Make everything verifiable and strongly protect training data and trained models.

“Black box” data analyTICS

Use EDGELESS DB to run deep analytics on your customers' data, while being assured that no one – including system administrators – will ever see it in plain. Prove to regulators and your customers that you can only access the final aggregated analysis results. 

Secure collab. data processing 

Use EDGELESS DB to compute on sensitive data jointly and securely with partners, suppliers, or customers. All inputs remain secret. Everyone gets fair access to the results. The rules are flexible and are initially agreed upon by everyone involved.


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What is Confidential Computing?

At EDGELESS SYSTEMS, we innovate in software. Hardware-wise, we leverage confidential computing technologies such as Intel SGX. Many processors are already SGX-enabled and are available in Azure and other public clouds.

SGX and related technologies enable the secure processing of data in isolated “enclaves” on potentially compromised servers.  

Isolated enclaves

An enclave’s data and code are always encrypted in memory, even when being processed. Even administrators or the operating system cannot access an enclave. Likewise, physical attackers only see ciphertext.

cryptographic certificates

The processor can issue a cryptographic certificate for the integrity of an enclave. Thus, one can establish trust into an enclave’s state before sending sensitive data.

Combined with the right know-how, these mechanisms can dramatically reduce the attack surface of applications and make every step of a workflow verifiable.

Meet the Team

We are a technology-driven start-up based in Bochum, Germany, a city renowned for its vibrant information security ecosystem.

Our team is composed of security experts with many years of experience in academia and industry, including Microsoft and other innovation leaders.

Edgeless Systems Team