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Eliminate infrastructure risks with leading solutions for confidential computing.

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Next-generation security with confidential computing 

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Prevent entire classes of data breaches 

Your workloads are uniquely protected against infrastructure-based threats like hackers or rogue datacenter employees. 

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Move to the cloud with maximum compliance 

Even cloud providers cannot access your data, strengthening compliance with laws like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. 


Get end-to-end confidentiality in minutes

Edgeless Systems solutions integrate with your existing cloud-native tooling and don’t require code changes. 

Industry-leading solutions for confidential computing

Our products are open source and work across clouds. They are intuitive to use for DevOps and Engineering teams.

Only Edgeless Systems provides level 3 confidential computing

Confidential computing keeps data encrypted even during processing and makes the integrity of workloads verifiable. To actually benefit from it, confidential computing needs to be applied end-to-end.

Level 1

Protect keys

Level 2

Protect single containers

Level 3

Protect entire deployments end-to-end, leave no gaps!

Success stories

Leading companies rely on Edgeless Systems' products to protect their workloads.

We have been  running Constellation in production for several months now and are still impressed by its ease of use. Our only regret was not finding it earlier.

– Amran Anjun, Head of Infrastructure at OCCRP

Getting set up with Constellation was straightforward, and we were able to take advantage of the confidential computing features immediately. This gave our customer the security they needed combined with convenience of the public cloud.

– Michael Görög, Co-Founder & Head of Business Development at Collaboard

Trusted execution environments play a crucial role in implementing future-proof data strategies. In our collaboration with Edgeless Systems, their versatile tools turned out to be the missing link between confidential computing and scalable infrastructure.

– Sven Trieflinger, Senior Project Manager at Bosch

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