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The easiest way to create apps for SGX

EGo lets you effortlessly build confidential-computing applications for Intel SGX in Go. The SDK is intuitive, lightweight, and built on industry standards.

Why EGo



EGo only loads as much code as necessary for the Go runtime to work well, keeping the trusted computing base (TCB) small.

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Built on industry standards

EGo builds on Open Enclave, an open-source framework for building apps for trusted execution environments.

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Easy to scale

EGo-based apps run great on Kubernetes and can be effortlessly orchestrated using MarbleRun.

Run any Go app in Intel SGX enclaves

With EGo, you can run any Go application reliably in SGX enclaves. Port existing applications like HashiCorp Vault or create something new. EGo makes confidential-computing features like remote attestation sealing easily accessible.

Use EGo to build any app on SGX


Install EGo from Ubuntu's Snap Store or download it from GitHub. After that, it's only a handful of commands to have your first enclave running. An easy-to-use library gives you full control over all features of SGX, while hiding the underlying complexity.

T-systems offices

“Within our innovation efforts in the area of confidential computing, we are actively cooperating with Edgeless Systems. EGo and MarbleRun facilitate the development effort and help to focus on solving the customer problems and implementing business logic in cloud environments.”

- Ivan Gudymenko
IT Security Architect at T-Systems

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“EGo played a crucial role in building our private smart contract platform. The integration of a battle-hardened EVM implementation, like "go-ethereum", is made as simple as adding a Go dependency. EGo delivers exactly what it promises—no surprises.”

- Tudor Malene

CTO at Obscuro Labs