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Unlock the advantages of cloud computing while maintaining unparalleled levels of data security. Through confidential computing, ensure the best security for your data, even when hosted on external infrastructure, across hybrid, public, or multi-cloud environments.

Top security and compliance challenges of the cloud


Possible unauthorized data access from cloud admins or outsiders


Uncertainties around locality of data and applicable jurisdiction


Complexity of cloud platforms and corresponding potential for misconfigurations

Confidential computing addresses these challenges

While many companies find that transitioning to the public cloud offers cost efficiencies and scaling opportunities, those dealing with sensitive data, especially in sectors like finance, healthcare, and defense, often face security concerns.

Data protection approaches for the cloud typically rely on access control and encryption at rest and in transit. These are important measures, however, they can't prevent malicious access via the cloud infrastructure. For example, a cloud admin could misuse their privilege or a co-tenant could exploit a vulnerability in the cloud infrastructure to circumvent access controls and access data.

Confidential computing addresses these concerns by providing encryption-in-use and hardware-rooted remote attestation. This approach safeguards sensitive data throughout the migration process, preserving both its confidentiality and integrity. If applied correctly, no one, not even the cloud provider and its admin, can access your data.

Benefits of a confidential computing-based cloud strategy

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Implement "zero trust" end-to-end

Isolation from the infrastructure side-steps cloud-specific security vulnerabilities. Unauthorized access is blocked at every stage in the data lifecycle.

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Ensure compliance and data sovereignty

Confidential computing keeps data encrypted even during processing, ensuring data privacy and compliance with established privacy legislation such as GDPR.

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Prevent vendor lock-in

Because data is running within the same type of deployment, companies can move their data between clouds and infrastructure providers as needed.

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Enable cross-border data sharing

With all data consistently encrypted, enterprises can take advantage of global cloud services without lowering their privacy requirements.

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Reduce excessive costs

With the ability to securely host data and applications on various clouds, companies have more choice and are not bound to on-prem architectures or expensive "sovereign clouds".

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Constellation enables confidential computing-based cloud migration

Our enterprise product Constellation turns AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others into your private clouds. Constellation enables lift & shift for existing containerized workloads and shields your cloud deployments end-to-end using the latest confidential-computing technology.

Constellation comes with ground-breaking features.

  • Everything always encrypted: Constellation ensures that all data in your deployment is always encrypted - at rest, in transit, and in use.

  • Everything verifiable: Constellation provides end-to-end attestation for your deployment, taking supply-chain security to the next level.

  • Excellent performance: Confidential computing enables the best cloud security at high performance.

  • Fast installation: With Constellation, confidential computing can be implemented within minutes.

  • Seamless integration: Confidential computing can secure any container. No need to change a line of code.

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