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Public sector & defense

Confidential computing for the public sector

Due to security and privacy concerns, using cloud platforms and SaaS is difficult for public sector organizations. With Edgeless Systems, they can now process data on third-party infrastructure, while ensuring that hackers or cloud admins cannot get access.

Enable innovation and protect critical infrastructure

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Use any public cloud like your own private cloud

Your entire cloud deployment is shielded from the infrastructure. Even datacenter employees or cloud admins cannot access any data.

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Purchase SaaS and stop managing infrastructure

If your software partners run their application with end-to-end confidentiality, you can get their solution easily without additional overhead.

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Ensure digital sovereignty and maximum security

With confidential computing, data is always encrypted and you stay in full control, even while using third-party infrastructure.

Uncompromising data security and privacy with confidential computing

Confidential computing keeps data always encrypted - at rest, in transit and in use. Your sensitive application is fully isolated from the infrastructure, facilitating privacy compliance, IP protection, and data sharing.

Digital sovereignty and data privacy delivered today

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Open source. Multi cloud. Sovereign.

Our company and all our engineers are based in Germany. Everything we do is open source and works on multiple platforms.


GDPR compliance

With confidential computing, organizations keep data always encrypted and ensure that even datacenter operators and cloud providers cannot access any data. This restricts access for foreign entities and fulfills privacy-by-design requirements.

Bundesamt für sicherheit in der informationstechnik

BSI Kubernetes guidelines

The German Office for Information Security BSI recommends for Kubernetes (APP.4.4.A17) that "the control plane should only let nodes join a cluster if they can verify their integrity". This and many more security features are built into Constellation, our confidential Kubernetes.

T-systems offices

“Within our innovation efforts in the area of confidential computing, we are actively cooperating with Edgeless Systems. EGo and MarbleRun facilitate the development effort and help to focus on solving the customer problems and implementing business logic in cloud environments.” 

- Ivan Gudymenko
IT Security Architect at T-Systems

Accenture offices

“We can now build a safe lock with confidential computing between companies so that data sets can be exchanged in a secure and privacy-preserving way. This was not possible before because of competition and privacy issues.”

- Giuseppe Giordano
Senior R&D Manager at Accenture 

Intel offices

“It’s great to see how MarbleRun makes Gramine-based confidential workloads scalable. Looking forward to seeing the two grow together.”

- Mona Vij
Principal Engineer at Intel Labs

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