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Secure AI prompts

Use AI with always-encrypted data

Use ChatGPT-like GenAI models while protecting your data at all times, from all parties. With confidential computing, instead of relying solely on contracts, you have technical assurance that data is always encrypted.

The problem: your prompts are unprotected

In a data-driven world, LLMs like ChatGPT, Claude, Mistral, and co. hold great promise. However current enterprise solutions like ChatGPT Enterprise or Langdock expose your sensitive data to several parties. They promise to protect your data, but cannot offer technical mechanisms that strictly enforce this.

Therefore, your data, such as your prompts, are at risk of leakage from the model provider and the infrastructure.

Secure AI problem

Recent incidents highlight the need for strong safeguards

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Samsung employees mistakenly leaked trade secrets to ChatGPT (OpenAI).

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Hardware vulnerabilities, like LeftOverLocals, could leak your data to the service and infrastructure provider.

The solution: confidential computing

Confidential computing solves data privacy and compliance issues by encrypting your data from all involved parties. Confidential computing is a new technology that enables encrypting data even during processing, not just at rest or in transit, by leveraging the latest CPUs from Intel and AMD. These processors, equipped with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), ensure all data remains encrypted in memory at runtime.

Additionally, confidential computing enables workload integrity verification through remote attestation, utilizing cryptographic certificates. This combination of runtime memory encryption and remote attestation ensures secure data processing, even on external infrastructure.

Secure AI prompts

Why not on-prem?


Unavailability of GPU hardware

Latest gen GPUs are expensive and slow to procure for most companies.


You lose the benefits of the cloud

On-premise infrastructure is costly, slow to scale and requires lots of resources for IT operations.


Administrators can access your data

With conventional infrastructure, your system administrator has access to your data at runtime through unencrypted memory.


Inferior service experience

Service providers optimize their architecture and inference to deliver more relevant and quicker responses.

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