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AI model protection

Best security for your model weights

Prevent theft, leakage, or misuse of your AI model weights. With Continuum AI, your models stay encrypted all the time, protected from attacks through inference or service providers.

The problem: your model weights are not safe

AI model owners face a diverse set of threats across many distinct attack vectors. Inference providers, or other model owners on the same platform (e.g., HuggingFace) could mistakenly or maliciously introduce and execute harmful code within the workloads to exfiltrate data.

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Models leaked recently

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Confirmed leak of Mistral LLM model “miqu-1-70b” by costumer employee on HuggingFace.

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Meta's LLaMA-3 downloadable torrent was leaked on 4chan ahead of time.

The solution: Continuum AI

Continuum AI solves these security issues and protects model weights from all parties. Continuum leverages confidential computing, a new technology that enables encrypting data even during processing, not just at rest or in transit.

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