Deliver confidential computing. Together.

Edgeless Systems works with SaaS companies, cloud providers, system integrators and consultancies to bring confidential computing to enterprises worldwide.

Our partners

Cloud partners

Amazon Web Services is a broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 services from data centers globally.

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its products.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform with over 200 products and services spanning data centers across the globe.

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Tech & integration partners

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a semiconductor company, known for designing and developing computer processors and graphics technologies.

Intel is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of essential technologies that power the cloud and an increasingly smart, connected world.

Liquid Reply is a Reply Group Company specialized in Container Orchestration, Cloud Native Development & FinOps.

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Ecosystem partners

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides funding for research projects and institutions and sets general educational policy.

CNCF is the open source, vendor-neutral hub of cloud native computing, hosting projects like Kubernetes and Prometheus.

The CCC focuses on securing data in use and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing through open collaboration.

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“We can now build a safe lock with confidential computing between companies so that data sets can be exchanged in a secure and privacy preserving way. This was not possible before because of competition and privacy issues.”

Giuseppe Giordano

Senior R&D Manager at Accenture 

“Within our innovation efforts in the area of confidential computing, we are actively cooperating with Edgeless Systems. EGo and MarbleRun facilitate the development effort and help to focus on solving the customer problems and implementing business logic in cloud environments.”

Ivan Gudymenko

IT Security Architect at T-Systems

“It’s great to see how MarbleRun makes Gramine-based confidential workloads scalable. Looking forward to seeing the two grow together.”

Mona Vij

Principal Engineer at Intel Labs

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