The world's most secure Kubernetes

Constellation leverages confidential computing to isolate entire Kubernetes clusters from the infrastructure. Finally, the public cloud turns into your private cloud.

Shield your entire 
Kubernetes deployments

Constellation protects the entire Kubernetes Constellation protects the entire Kubernetes
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Everything always encrypted

All data in the cluster remains encrypted in all states - at rest, in transit, and during processing.

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Assured workload integrity

The integrity of the entire cluster is verified based on cryptographic certificates and latest supply-chain security mechanisms.

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Performance and scale

High availability, autoscaling, and close to native performance.

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Easy to use and integrate

Constellation can be set up in minutes in your favorite cloud with an easy-to-use CLI. Afterwards, you can connect your favorite Kubernetes tooling via the kubeadm interface.

Shield your entire Kubernetes deployments

  • Prevent data breaches
  • Make your SaaS more trustworthy
  • Migrate sensitive workloads to the cloud
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Constellation is the leading confidential-computing solution

Embark into the future of cloud security

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