Leverage the benefits of confidential computing without changing your code

$ sudo snap install ego-dev --classic
$ ego-go build helloworld.go
$ ego sign helloworld
$ ego run helloworld
Loading enclave...
Entering enclave...
Hello from enclave!
You don’t need to refactor your code to run it in a secure enclave. With three simple commands, you can build, sign, and run projects of any size securely.

Why developers love EGo

Simplifying enclave development

We aim to simplify the work developers need to do to protect their data. EGo provides user-friendly tools, including a modified Go compiler and a Go library. The compiler adapts your code to run inside an enclave while still allowing your EGo-compiled apps to run outside enclaves. The Go library verifies that your trusted environment is secure (remote attestation) and securely stores your data in an untrusted environment (sealing).

Any Questions?

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Build confidential apps with ease

Effortlessly build, debug, and run Go apps in secure enclaves. Use the documentation to get started.