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Video tutorials

Getting started with Constellation

Edgeless System's Chief Architect Moritz Eckert shows: how to set up, scale, recover, delete, and upgrade a Constellation cluster.

1. Create a Constellation cluster

Creating a Constellation cluster only requires two easy commands: 'constellation config generate' and 'Constellation apply'. Please note that these videos were filmed when Constellation version 2.9.1 was the newest release.

2. Deploy and scale an application in a Constellation cluster

Constellation has all the features of a regular Kubernetes, like scaling and autoscaling.

3. Recover a Constellation cluster after restoring it

If there are too many concurrent node failures in the control plane, you may want to recover your Constellation cluster. Note that recovery is rarely needed, because Constellation is built for high availability and automatically and securely replaces failed nodes.

4. Delete a Constellation cluster

If you don't need your cluster anymore, you can easily terminate it by using the Constellation CLI.

5. Upgrade a Constellation cluster

You can upgrade all components of your Constellation cluster, like the Kubernetes version, node image, and microservices.

Learn more about Constellation

Get more information about Constellation and connect with the team.