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Case study: University Clinic Freiburg

University Clinic Freiburg moves to the cloud with Confidential Kubernetes

From my point of view it's not secure if you just do some paperwork. To get really secure, you have to encrypt it and if there's technology, I think we should - also for the benefit of the patient - use the best technology to protect the data. [...] With this easy setup, we were able to establish this trusted Kubernetes in a couple of hours.

Dr. Christian Haverkamp, Director of the Institute for Digitalization in Medicine at University Clinic Freiburg

OC3 2024: University Clinic moves to the cloud with Confidential Kubernetes

Watch this interview-style OC3 2024 talk with Dr. Christian Haverkamp to learn more about the experience of Uniklinik Freiburg moving to the cloud with Constellation, the always-encrypted Kubernetes.

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