Secure your Web3 platform with confidential computing

It's estimated that blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges lost more than $3 billion in digital assets in 2022 alone (Source: Confidential computing can address this epidemic.

Understand the risks for your digital assets

  • Cross-chain bridges

    Bridges are essential for transferring assets between blockchains. They are oftentimes centralized and hold high-value wallets. They are thus the prime targets for attackers.

  • Wallets

    Wallets' are classic targets for attacks. If not strongly protected throughout their lifecycle, hackers can copy a wallet's private key from a compromised system's memory.

  • API tokens

    API tokens are used for automated communication between services. If hackers get access to an API token, they can maliciously act on behalf of a service.

  • Trading data

    In digital assets, trading data and trading strategies can be highly valuable information. If third parties learn about your trading strategies, they can undermine and replicate them.

Our open-source tools make it easy to implement confidential computing

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"Upon exhaustive analysis and research, we chose Edgeless Systems as the most suitable partner to help our transition to a TEE. Their technical expertise, coupled with a meticulous approach to problem-solving, proved invaluable."

Zorrik Voldman

CEO at VatnFörn (deepwaters)

“EGo played a crucial role in building our private smart contract platform. The integration of a battle-hardened EVM implementation, like "go-ethereum", is made as simple as adding a Go dependency. EGo delivers exactly what it promises—no surprises.”

Tudor Malene

CTO at Obscuro Labs

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